Monthly Billing Terms

Free 14-Day Trial Period. If you enroll in a free trial period for the VIP Membership Club, you are not charged for 14 days from the date of purchase for the subscription membership (you will be charged for any physical products that you purchase). However, you will be required to provide payment information to pay for the VIP Membership Club fees, including any taxes, which will be due once the trial period ends, unless you cancel as outlined below. New members only.

Charges and Automatic Renewals. On the day after your trial ends, your credit card or other payment method on file will be charged the VIP Membership Club fees of 15 dollars 95 cents USD (exclusive of taxes) without obtaining your further confirmation. Further, your VIP Membership Club membership will automatically renew each billing period of 30 days, and you will be charged 15 dollars 95 cents USD (exclusive of taxes) every 30 days, until you cancel. 
Cancellation. If you do not want to continue the VIP Membership Club after the trial period or if you wish to cancel the VIP Membership Club at any time, you may do so by filling out the Cancel Membership form on our Website, by emailing us at at least 3 days before the next billing period with your full name and the email and physical address associated with your use of the Service. Your failure to cancel or your continued use of the VIP Membership Club membership reaffirms that Company is authorized to charge you for, and you are responsible for paying, all VIP Membership Club fees.